Taliye Çakabay
Lip Lift
(Lip Lift)

Lip lift is a commonly preferred procedure among aesthetic surgery applications today.

This procedure can be done to regain the natural shape of the lips or to make the lips appear fuller and thicker.
During the lip lift procedure, the areas where the skin from the bottom of the nose to the upper part of the lips are excessively excessive can be shortened. This process makes the lips look higher and more vibrant and strong.

Lip lift is an aesthetic application that preserves the natural structure of the upper lips and provides a thicker and fuller appearance. There is an ideal length of 11-15 mm for the nose and lip distance between the upper lip skin. Lip lift is the most suitable candidate for people with thin upper lips and longer than this ideal length.

This area may appear naturally long or longer when the tip of the nose stays in the air after rhinoplasty. As you get older, sagging of the upper lip can also be seen. Lip lift is a solution that offers permanent and natural results for these types of aesthetic problems.

After the lip lift procedure, the patient is usually likely to experience mild swelling, redness or pain. These conditions are normal and will pass within a few days. In addition, the healing process of the stitches takes approximately 1 week.

After the lip lift procedure, patients are generally satisfied and notice the result that their lips look more shaped and fuller. It is important for patients to talk to their doctor in detail before the lip lift procedure and to express their goals clearly, so that the expectations of the patients can be met and the satisfaction rate can be high.

Are the Results of Lip Lift Surgery Permanent?

Lip Lifting is a permanent procedure because the post-operative changes are permanent. The upper lip skin reaches ideal dimensions and turns upward, causing the upper teeth to gain a more pleasant appearance in normal posture. At the same time, wrinkles on the upper lip skin are reduced.

Lip Lift is a procedure that can be done at any age and male and female patients can also apply. There is no age limit for the application. The general health condition of the patient must be suitable and the application can be done with local anesthesia or a numbing method with mild sedatives.