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Ultrasonic Piezo Rhinoplasty

How is the improvement in the Ultrasonic Piezo Rhinoplasty method?

The recovery process in Piezo method rhinoplasty is generally as follows: First 24 Hours After the Operation: Slight swelling, bruising and pain may occur in the nose area immediately after the nose operation. Pain medications can be given to alleviate these conditions. First Week: In the first week, swelling and bruising in the nose begin to decrease, but it may still be evident. In this period, bandages can be used to stabilize the construction on the nose area. Second Week: In the second week, swelling and bruising in the nose are further reduced and the nasal profile becomes clearer. Third Week: In the third week, swelling and bruising in the nose may completely disappear and the nasal profile may become fully evident. After: After the healing process is completed, the nasal profile reaches the desired shape and any pain or swelling in the nose completely disappears. This process may be different for each patient, and recovery time may vary depending on the patient's general health status, size of the operation, age and other factors. In order to accelerate the post-operative recovery process and get the best results, you should take care to follow the doctor's recommendations.


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